The Dynamic Introvert (eBook)


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The Dynamic Introvert: Leading Quietly with Passion and Purpose’ offers readers practical advice and proven techniques to help them succeed in their careers.

“Everyone has leadership potential but introverts may find their careers have stalled not knowing why or what to do about it.”

The world values extroverts – extroverts get promoted while quiet introverts often get overlooked. But organizations that miss out on the potential of introverts do so at their peril. Introverts bring a unique style of quiet leadership that is linked to employee productivity and employee engagement.

Author and Speaker Lesley Taylor provides valuable information on what it means to be an introverted leader. She identifies some of the challenges introverts face in their leadership quest: energy management and self-promotion being two of the big ones. She also encourages readers to develop a Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP).

As a leader in an urban health care organization Lesley says, “Through-out my career I was fortunate to have senior leaders notice my potential and encourage me to step up and into leadership roles. Except for one manager who actually told me that introverts were poor leadership material and, because I was an introvert, I would never be a good leader. Sadly he was not alone in thinking that extroverts make better leaders than introverts do.”

The Dynamic Introvert combines the latest research with practical advice, inspiration, stories from many dynamic introverts, experts in the field of leadership, human resources, conflict resolution and coaching.