About the Book

The Dynamic Introvert is a practical guide to maximizing your leadership potential. Each chapter contains self-coaching questions and practical advice to help you achieve your career goals.

What is a dynamic introvert? Can introverts be dynamic? Yes, of course we can, but our energy is often hidden from the world. As dynamic introverts we are brimming with energy, we just need to understand and manage it. Here are some other facts about introverts that may surprise you:

  • Introverts make great leaders during times of rapid change
  • Introverts are poised to fill the leadership gap left by retiring baby boomers
  • Introverts are great at conflict resolution despite disliking conflict
  • Introverts make outstanding sales people
  • Introverts make excellent networkers
  • Introverts comprise 50% of the population

What will you learn?

As a leader you can inspire and engage others by listening to their ideas and helping them connect their passion with the larger vision that you are trying to achieve. Your tendencies as an introvert can be your strengths as a leader.

Read The Dynamic Introvert and learn how to take full advantage of your quiet strengths.

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